use the power of video...

80% of traffic will be video by 2021

Don’t get left behind…be ahead of the game!

use the power of video...

80% of traffic will be video by 2021

Don’t get left behind…be ahead of the game!

Get access to all 3 online workshops

Step by step activities
Work at your own pace and convenience
Super Simple & super fun


Have complete clarity on who your ideal customer is and how you can best connect with them via video. Your Ideal Customer

We will put together a clear video strategy so you know what to include in your videos and where to put them so you get the results you want! Video Strategy

In the final session we put it all together and make sure you have all the practical “How To” to get your video created! Video Creation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most FAQ we get

How do the workshops work?

When you join the masterclass you will get access to private Facebook groups where all the workshops take place.

This allows for maximum engagement and ability to connect with other members.

However you will also be able to access all workshops on an online training platform if you prefer not taking part in the social part of the masterclass.

As the masterclass is a low price point I can’t gaurantee to monitor all the comments, but will respond to any questions I can answer quickly.

You also have access to my “Fun & MIndful Marketing Community” Facebook Group where you can ask me your questions when I’m hosting live Q&A sessions!

Who is the Video masterclass suited for?

If you are wanting to get started with video and want a step by step guide to follow along.

If you are the business owner/influencer/personal brand and will be doing the videos yourself we recommend going through the entire workshop.

If you are wanting someone in your business or team to be creating videos for you, we recommend you watch at least some of the principle videos in the first workshops…

And then you can let your team member go through the more practical step by step sessions.

Do I need a big marketing budget to get started with video?

No you do not! This is the key message I want to get across to people…

It is so simple to get started!

As long as you have a smart phone you are ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Often I actually think it is much better to start really simply, get your videos out there and monitor your audience’s feedback before investing heaps of money into your videos.

Are the workshops themselves live?

No the workshops are pre-recorded.

This way you have the complete luxury of going through the activities at your own pace and convenience.

And if you get stuck on any of the activities or have a question you can attend the live Q&A sessions in the Fun & Mindful Marketing Community to ask me about it.

How does the money back guarantee work?

After joining the video masterclass you have 48 hours to go through the workshop and if you don’t believe it to be valuable simply send us an email at and we will give you a refund – no questions asked.

We want to make sure you enjoy the workshops and have a great experience, but we put these restrictions in place to avoid time wasters or people that are not serious about going through the workshops.

However exceptional customer experience is our top priority, so although our guarantee is restricted as states above, if you are unsatisfied please do contact us. As we can see how much content has been accessed on the backend on a case by case basis we will look at course work completed etc and always strive to be solving your issues in a fair and open manner.

What is GOLD VIP?

The Gold VIP option includes a 30 minute 1on1 session with me.

1on1 access is something everyone wants, so this is the only option I have available to work with me 1on1 for such a short period of time.

For that reason it’s only available to new customers and only when you see the option displayed.

You can use the call to ask me any specific questions regarding your video or marketing strategy. 

Or you can use it as a personal review session:

Once you have completed all 3 workshops one of the last activities is to get started creating your own videos.

Personally when it comes to creating video I have simply learnt by trial and error, putting out continuous content and watching the feedback from my audience.

If you’d like to fast track your learning experience you can send me your first video and I will give you some individual feedback on it on our call.

Who is the video masterclass NOT for?

The video masterclass is not for you, if you are looking to get real in depth instructions on how to create high quality professional videos.

The whole objective of this masterclass is to get you STARTED with video.

The main problem I see with people and clients I work with, is that they over complicate the process, try to run a marathon before they can walk and end up overwhelming themselves.

The end result – they never get started.

The information has on purpose been simplified, kept basic so it doesn’t overload you or stop you from executing.

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