Having an Influence by Targeting a Specific Audience

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their business strategy is that they haven’t identified a specific target audience.

If you are a business owner that has profiles an online platform, it may seem inviting to try and target everyone in the branding and promotional material you put out, however, this is not going to set you up for success; if you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

Learning your Demographic

The idea of targeting everyone in your marketing may seem appealing because you might have people from all walks of life buying your product.

The problem is though in a digital environment where it is so noisy and people’s attention so precious this approach will have a very limited impact.

In order to really target and catch someone’s attention, you need to know the specific person you want to target.

So you want to be choosing one specific customer type…by asking questions like:

Who is my product/service for?

Who benefits from it the most and why?

Who are the people that spend the most money on this?

Who needs this this most in their lives?

You should then be able to break down your ideal customer in terms of different categories.

This means identifying the gender, age, occupation, values, family situation, life balance and problems (just to name a few) of the person you want to speak to with your marketing.

For example, maybe you have a hairdressing salon, and your ideal customer (you might have already a customer exactly like this and this is the best way!) is women aged 55 who have busy corporate work life, who places high value on her appearance and struggles to maintain her hair at home.

Identifying who it is that you want to purchase your product or service is the first step in engaging customers, because you can then start to understand the factors that are going to influence them spending time and money on whatever you have to offer.

Then in turn when your idea customer comes across your content they are going to feel an instant connection, as they feel this is directly speaking to them!

The Importance of being Audience Centric

Acting according to the requirements of your ideal audience is vital in successful marketing.

Once you have a clear idea of who you’re targeting, the next step is to get inside their mind and lives, and figure out what will motivate them to use your product or service.

What problem are you solving for them?

How will you make their lives better?

What emotions are you appealing to?

Being empathetic in your approach to promotional material is a key way of engaging your customer.

Returning to our hairdresser analogy, maybe your customers are regularly doing presentations at work or liaising with high profile clients and need to look their best at all times.

Putting up a Facebook post like “5 daily products that give you the salon fresh look that last all day” or “Don’t have hours to spend on your hair in the morning but have an important schedule? Look no further” will work to quickly engage the audience you want.

This is because creating relatable material that resonates with your ideal customer will mean that they feel understood and that you are capable of solving their problems and benefitting them.

Everyone has different attitudes, values and beliefs, so it is impossible to put out material that is going to resonate with everyone. Always target a specific audience, and speak to them in particular!

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