Humans are portrayed to be creatures of reason, who go about their lives in a carefully processed and methodical fashion.

However, the most recent studies show that the decision making process that we undertake is actually far less structured than we think; that is, we are highly emotional beings that use emotion as a large basis into the way we live our lives.

This means that almost all of the decisions we make are a direct result of our emotions.

This can be translated to the process of sales; humans make purchases on behalf of their feelings!

Justifying actions through feelings

The reason we think logic (which is why we pack our products with such long feature lists) plays such a big role in our purchasing decisions is…

Whenever we buy something, we go through a subconscious process in which we justify our actions.

Overall, people feel much better about spending money on something if they can find a reason to do so.

For example, if you want to buy a particular item of clothing, you may justify the decision by telling yourself that you want to fit in with a particular trend. It is important that you appear fashionable and presentable.

The real reason we buy it though is we link some kind of feeling with having that particular item of clothing…meaning it will make us feel more confident, more desirable, more loved and accepted.

When you start understanding the feelings customers get from buying your product or service you will be able to unlock sales at a whole new level.

Want to test the theory? Simply think of the last 3 things you bought you really wanted and 3 things you wanted but didn’t buy…then list your emotional and logical reasons for either. I bet you will find the same I did…I buy when emotion is high. Try it…You will find this exercise incredibly powerful!

Combining emotional appeal with practicality

Understanding the way that humans make decisions is vital in the way you operate your business and marketing.

If you can understand the factors that influence a person buying your product or service, you can tailor your marketing to further strengthen and appeal to the emotional benefits that could potentially result from purchasing it.

Furthermore, if you can highlight the functional and practical aspects that your product or service may have, and combine that with their emotional appeal, your product or service will appear extremely attractive.

The consideration of the thought process that goes into the purchase of whatever you offer ultimately comes down to understanding your target audience; getting inside of their brain and figuring out their attitudes and values will give you the basis upon which they will buy your product or service.

It is important to note that this strategy can be applied to anything, so if you are able to really break down the thought process and consequent emotional pull that is behind the purchase of whatever it is that your business offers, you will be able to use it to your advantage.

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