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How to sell without being a douche!
you can’t afford not to sell… 

So let’s make it simple & fun!

“people love to buy…they just hate being sold to

I have a pretty straightforward philosophy:

I believe that a trusted brand is the ultimate sales machine.

If you want to be successful in the long run in the fast changing world we live in today…

You have to build trust and a loyal community!

People that LOVE you and WANT to not only buy from you but also tell everyone about you!

How do you do it?

By mastering these 5 phases:

Phase 1: Be centred in who you are, what you stand for & your message

Trust is currency.

It’s the foundation of your sales success.

It’s why people WANT to buy Nike and Apple. 

But you don’t have to be a Goliath to apply their principles.

People want to buy when they trust you’ll solve their problems.

But before we worry about selling to others, we must sell ourselves first.

This is why in phase I teach you the skills that will take care of  80% of your sales success:

How to sell to yourself

This ranges from being centred and clear in who you are, what you stand for and your messaging…

All the way to practical mindset tools you can use everyday to rewire your own brain…

So that no matter how you show up to the world…

Be it in person, video or Insta…

Your customers connect and say:

“OMG, where have you been all my life!?”

Phase 2: Starting Conversations

Ok so before people can buy our products they need to know about us!

There’s lots of fancy marketing lingo for this like “brand exposure” and “lead generation”

But I like to keep things simple…

Talk to people!

And the great thing about today’s world is there are a gazillion ways to do this…

In fact it’s what paralyses most people…too much choice!

Should I do live video? So and so said Insta is hot right now ?

Here’s the thing: There is no right or wrong! There is only what is right for YOU!

It’s much more important to learn the skills of grabbing attention, making yourself stand out and connecting with your audience…

And most importantly of all…

To ENJOY it!

Cause to do well in sales both Quality AND quantity matter!

(Even Apple only has 10% of the smartphone market)

So in this phase you’ll learn how to start conversations that is just right for YOU and you’re having a blast! 

Phase 3: Build trust & relationships

By now you’ve probably gathered that I believe trust is fundamental in sales ?!

And the reason I bang on about it so much is cause it’s always been important…

But in the internet age where everyone and everything is connected and more transparent than ever before…

It’s becoming more important every day!

See people want to buy when they trust in these 3 things:

They trust you as a person/brand

They trust you as the expert

They trust you will solve their problem NOW and their life will be better with than without you

And the beautiful thing about content marketing is that we can build trust with our content in all 3 areas every day!

This phase is all about building relationships, trust, giving people a taste of  what it’s like buying from you and being yourself so you can build a loyal community of raving fans!


Now we’re getting to the part most people get squirmy about ?

“Closing the sale”!

I’ll be honest…I don’t like “closing” sales either…so I don’t!

I really believe that the sale happens in phase 1-3

All you really have to do in phase 4 is…

Make it super simple and easy for people to buy

Eliminate all friction

And simply tell people from time to time how you can help

How you will solve their problems

And how it will make their life freaking amazing!

That’s it!

That’s exactly what I’ll be teaching you in phase 4 and help you develop the fine art of asking for sales WITHOUT losing TRUST from your audience!

This part a lot of people mess up! So I want you to get this right!

Phase 5: Turning customers into raving fans

This might be my favourite phase!

And it’s the one 90% of people completely ignore!

Everyone is always focused on getting sales and new customers…

They miss the most important part: Turning customers into raving fans!

I believe it’s once people have become our customers we really want to start selling…

Underpromise and overdeliver!

Surprise and delight!

Create an incredible customer experience!

Take such good care of your customers that they’d never want to go anywhere else!

This phase is all about really understanding your customers deepest needs and wants and fulfilling them…

Once you do, I tell you’ll have customers for life!

And they’ll become your biggest brand ambassadors and sales team!

Like I am for Jlo, Eminem, Apple and Aldi ?

“So how can I work with you directly on this?”

Ok so now that you have a good overview of how I roll and what I teach…

What does it look like working with me?

There’s 2 options to get started:

(3 if you live in Perth ?)

Be a sales magnet – Standout without being a douche

Kill it at sales without being a douche 

You’ll be able to get more detailed info on each below.

But here’s the gist of it:

If you’re not clear on what you stand for, your message and you doubting yourself all the time you’d want to start with Be a sales magnet

If you’ve already got a pretty grasp on who you serve best and your messaging could be improved on, but your challenge is getting consistent clients without driving yourself crazy start with Kill it at sales.

Working with me directly is the fastest and most effective way to get results….it just is!

For the last 15 years I’ve become almost obsessed with understanding communication and how we work as humans.

Even when I watch a David Attenborough Documentary I find things I can teach about sales ?

But don’t just take my word for it…

Go and see what people have said about me below or on my Facebook page reviews

Join my Facebook group the “Fun & Mindful Marketing Community” and watch the free trainings I give there…

I practice what I teach…I’m willing to give incredible value upfront.

Follow me on Insta to get a more personal look at who I am.

Look at how I treat my community and what I DO and how I ACT.

I have absolute zero interest in convincing you with what I say…

I believe leaders should SHOW and lead by example!

Become a sales magnet

This is for you if:

You’re all over the place with your sales and marketing ?You haven’t figured out a way of bringing in  clients and you’re constantly doubting and seconding guessing yourself on what strategy to take! No more! Let’s get you centred in who you are, what you stand for and what your message is!  Click for more info.

Kill it at sales without being a douche

This is for you if:

You want to really master your sales and marketing so you are not only getting clients coming in consistently, achieving your goals…but most importantly ENJOYINGthe process ? Let me be your trusted Yoda along the way with direct accessto me  for the entire time we work together!  Click for more info.

1:1 in person intensives (Perth only)

This is for you if:

If you are in Perth you can also can join me for a full day 1on1 or group intensive where we’ll be tackling a specific challenge in your business…it’s one full day me and you and we’re gonna roll up our sleeves get to work…and have some fun! Click here for more

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What People Are Saying…

Jen has truly made marketing fun! Her workshops are amazing, and extremely informative. I started up my own business this year but lacked any knowledge in the marketing field, since attending her workshops my online audience has grown 10 fold and is increasing daily. Thankyou Jen!

Jessica S.

Highly recommend Jen! have had some great results with getting event tix sold due to learning about FB ads. Down to earth and very helpful! Thanks Jen.


Jen has given me a lot of inspiration how to focus and optimise our marketing - a wealth of knowledge and advise for everyone running a small business!

Fredy A.

What you have taught me is so much that I am now getting likes on my page and Linkedin well more people are starting to take notice of me now. I really appreciate the workshops you put on for us here in perth and also what you do on Social media. You are an excellent mentor and I am really looking forward to growing a stronger relationship with you. Thankyou Jen


Jen is young and fun and really knows her stuff when it comes to FB Ads!! She made it super simple and easy to follow and understand!!! So much so that hours after her workshop I have a FB Ad posted for my business which I have been putting of for years as it was all too hard. Thank you Jen! Truly grateful! Thanks for a fun morning 🙂

Belinda P.

"Jen is amazing"

Reem K.

Jen is a person that cares about people and I felt from her the need to help other peoples struggles in life. Thank you Jen for sharing your valuable thoughts.

Karen A.

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